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9YRS - EP84 - Checking Out?
March 29, 2017 10:48 PM PDT

You might have missed the news - in fact, you most probably have - but this Sunday, Wembley will host the final of the EFL Checkatrade Trophy. Remember that competition? It was formerly known as the LDV Vans Trophy, or the Auto Windscreens Shield, or the Johnstone's Paint Trophy ... and as much as it was mocked, it was a genuine competition for Football League teams, two of whom shared a day out at the national stadium. This season, the introduction of Championship and Premier League Academy Teams saw the competition ridiculed and reduced to being played out infront of dwindling attendances.

For Football League Chief Executive Shaun Harvey, however, the new format has 'reinvigorated' the tournament, and he is expecting the Academy Team experiment to continue next season. Well, Nick and Stu hope that doesn't happen - and this week, we discuss our reasons why, looking at some of the spectacular failures of the trial run. Unfortunately, a large attendance on Sunday, and a continuation in huge prize money, will likely see the competition continue in its current form next year.

Of greater importance this Sunday is, of course, WRESTLEMANIA. Nick is very excited, but there's still more than enough time to focus on the Southend defeat, the Rochdale victory, our continued Academy success, Poleon Go, Two Word Tango, and Top 7 lists. We hope you enjoy ... we know that ALAN DALE does: he's a huge fan!

9YRS - EP83 - Top 5 Partnerships
March 22, 2017 11:51 PM PDT

Fresh from Stu's Stag Do in Barcelona, during which Stu saw arguably the finest forward line in football at the moment - Messi, Suarez, and Neymar - we got to thinking about some of the best partnerships we've seen in our time watching Wimbledon. From the glory days of sixth place in the Premier League, to starting all over again in the CCL, there have been many great pairings across the pitch, and we spend a good bit of time reminiscing over some legendary names.

Discussing the modern day, and there's not a great deal to speak of, as we start to wind-down the campaign. George Jones joins the show to talk about the goalless draw at Fleetwood, whilst we also look ahead to a couple of interesting home games over the coming week. We also think about how League One is shaping up, and who we think will finish in the top and bottom places in the division.

Poleon Go, Two Word Tango, and Top 7 lists feature as usual as well, plus a few tidbits from our time in Barcelona. But without doubt, the main news this week is Nick's choice of a new, number one WWE diva! Is it Naomi, Maryse, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, or Peyton Royce? What about Lana? More importantly: who actually cares?

9YRS - EP82-0 - Proud
March 15, 2017 11:31 PM PDT

Only one thing to talk about this week, so let's do it right. Tuesday night's 2-0 victory over some team from Buckinghamshire - we checked the programme to remember the name of said team, but we couldn't find it there either - was an awesome evening, so we're going to revisit the evening as a whole. From the performance of the team, to the atmosphere in the stands, and the club's handling of the media before and after, we look at all the details of what was an incredible, historic evening.

We do try to take a dispassionate look at the tactics of the game, but there's a lot of emotion involved - and that clearly takes hold. Less so for the defeat to Northampton, however, which we do kind of have to talk about - if only for our visitors' decision to change kits. However, podcast fans have no need to panic: all the usual nonsense is also involved this week. Two Word Tango, Poleon Go, and Top 7 lists accompany Stu's nonsensical ramblings which, this week, lead to the best outtake ever! Although it'll do well to replace 'visually seeing' things...

That said, it's important to note how far our wonderful club has come in 15 years. As good as Tuesday night was, it will never make-up for what happened in 2002, but our continued success tells the world how things can be done the right way, and be in doubt, be done in the wider interests of football.

9YRS - EP81 - Talking Level-Heads
March 08, 2017 09:49 PM PST

With our first-ever meeting with a certain business franchise coming up, Nick and Stu take the opportunity to look at some of the arrangements made for this most difficult of fixtures. We discuss the whys and wherefores of decisions made regarding ticketing and policing, and we try to explain why security has to be made so secure. We talk about what we expect the atmosphere to be like on the day, and how we, as a collective, can create a raucous atmosphere ... without stepping over any lines.

There's the draw at Bolton to reflect upon, with the help of George Jones, and the game against Northampton to look forward to as well - even though our record against them is far from noteworthy. There's updates from our Academy sides, ladies team, and players out on loan at the moment, plus a look back at some historical moments from our recent history - even though we're not exactly sure when or at what games certain moments actually took place.

But the highlights of this week's show most certainly centre on Mr Stuart Deacons himself, who - aside from inviting the potential for legal action to be taken against our fine show - manages to talk Coleman-balls the like of which have never been heard before. It's wonderful entertainment alongside Two Word Tango and Poleon Go - the regular features of our hostile and friendly podcast.

9YRS - EP80 - On The Road
March 01, 2017 10:08 PM PST

From Kingsmeadow to Scunthorpe, via Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Leyton Orient, Leatherhead, and, erm, Kingsmeadow again ... the podcast team have been keeping an eye on many different stories around our wonderful football club, and some other ones as well. Most pertinently, George Jones has been following our Development and First-Team squads over the past few days, and he joins us to talk about his #wombleodyssey, with Nick and Stu joining in to discuss our upturn in fortunes on the pitch.

We're also looking at what the future holds for Kingstonian, as they prepare to leave Kingsmeadow and take-up tenancy at Fetcham Grove. Despite what some fans might think, we've done a lot to help out our past landlords - but we need to be careful that the move doesn't reflect badly on us. What can we do, what have already done, and what can Ks do to help themselves? We'll also touch on the situation at Leyton Orient, as the spectre of another phoenix club looms worryingly over the capital.

A look at ticketing arrangements for MK, this week's coming fixtures, Poleon Go, Top 7 lists, and Two Word Tango finish off this week's episode. There's wrestling news and some classic Stu quotes to ensure we maintain our remit to inform, educate, and entertain. Well, at least to ... no, we're not actually sure which of those three we achieve. At least we try.

9YRS - EP79 - The R Word
February 22, 2017 10:07 PM PST

Some fans are starting to panic: are we heading towards the relegation trapdoor? Patchy form and only two points from three games against teams around us suggests we might be looking over our shoulders for a little bit of time. Nick and Stu look at the bottom half of the table, and discuss who they think are going to fall into League Two. Do we have the squad depth to survive? Can we pick up enough points from a tough run-in? How many points will we need to stay up? We attempt to answer all these questions.

As well as that, we'll review the Shrewsbury defeat at the draw at Gillingham, looking at questionable refereeing decisions, but more at poor defending, at set-pieces or otherwise. It's not all negative though, as we bask in the glory of SCORING AWAY FROM HOME IN THE LEAGUE!!!! Lyle Taylor and two from Andy Barcham seemed to have lifted the curse ... although we might quickly switch back to Barch and his, erm, defensive capabilities ...

Other than that, it's a great show for people that enjoy listening to Stu say ridiculous things. There's loads this week: LOADS. We also have easily the greatest anagram clue EVER in Poleon Go; a fun Two-Word Tango; the most random Top 7 lists, and a serious debate about the future of our high street in the digital age. A really fun listen this week so check it out! And there's also a little tip towards who might be Nick's new favourite WWE female superstar ... for the wrestling fans among you.

9YRS - EP78 - Restructuring, Restraint ... and Relegation?
February 15, 2017 11:06 PM PST

A newsworthy week has left us with much to discuss. The fallout from the Charlton game took the focus away from a poor performance, but there was nothing to distract us from the horror that was our meeting with Coventry. Nick and Stu discuss the reasons behind our sticky spell, and if we really are fearing a relegation battle over the remainder of the season. Injuries aren't helping our threadbare squad, but what other problems are we facing as we enter a tricky week?

Of course, we can't ignore the post-match and off-the-field shenanigans of Saturday. We'll look at how the club responded to our bad press - bad press that was elicited by the visiting manager of that day - and whether the arrangements we have in place for a fixture against a certain Buckinghamshire club in March will be enough to prevent our name being tarnished in any regard. It's a very difficult balance, and a difficult conversation to have.

Alognside all the negativity, we at least have Top 7 lists, Poleon Go, and Two Word Tango to cheer us up. Don't forget the build to WrestleMania either, which is helping get through some tough times. We also have a look at Nick's column in the programme for the Coventry game and ask: is it time the Football League restructured the system, and re-introduced regionalised divisions?

9YRS - EP77 - Clubs in Crisis
February 08, 2017 10:08 PM PST

Charlton and Coventry will visit Kingsmeadow over the coming week, so we thought it would be an opportune time to discuss the ownership issues that are destabilising both clubs. Fans from both sides – Gavin Eastley, and Ryan Benton – join Nick and Stu to explain what the problems are, what supporters groups are doing about them, and what the future holds; we also briefly touch on on-field fortunes and what we might expect from the two games.

Alongside our guests, we look back to the Sheffield United game, and see where it all went wrong for us: starting at our choice of kit, and moving onto the shape of the team, and how me might look at rotating our squad over the remaining months of the campaign. We also touch on a disappointing week for other teams at the club, but we also highlight the encouraging aspects of each defeat that we can take into the next round of games.

Poleon Go, Top 7 lists, and Two Word Tango all return as well. Nick also has some FASCINATING STORIES from his week at work, and introduces another wrestler’s theme as we count down to WrestleMania. Bonus point if you can tweet us whose theme we play.

9YRS - EP76 - Loan Rover
February 01, 2017 10:01 PM PST

Ryan Sweeney returns to the podcast this week to discuss his loan move to our LEAGUE ONE RIVALS, Bristol Rovers. How much of a rivalry is there? Very little in truth, although it would be nice to one day get a result at their gaff. But besides that, Sweeney has signed on for The Gas until the end of the season, so Nick and Stu took the opportunity to speak to him about life on loan. Ryan speaks about expectations for the coming year for him and his temporary employers, the potential of the club, and how his routine has changed from that at Premier League Stoke City.

There's also time for Nick and Stu to discuss all the important things in life, for example, WRESTLEMANIA, and Stu's impending wedding day. There is some Dons-related news to speak of as well though: the Academy sides weekend hammering of a franchise outfit, and our transfer deadline day business, as we welcome Tom Soares to Kingsmeadow. Top 7 lists, Poleon Go, and Two Word Tango also all return, and to finish off the show, we speak to Sheffield United fan Matt Orme about our clash this coming Saturday, where we look to end a three-month goal drought away from home in League One. Enjoy.

9YRS - EP75 - Taking Stock
January 25, 2017 09:35 PM PST

Nothing. Is. Happening. The 0-0 draw at Chesterfield last week was nondescript; there is no fixture to look forward to in the coming week; we're not signing or selling anyone; and we don't even have a ballot to get antsy about. All in all, it's all very dull. So what can Nick and Stu talk about? Well, PRO-WRESTLING OF COURSE. For a bit, at least. Then it's on to take stock of the season so far, looking at what's gone right and wrong, who's impressed and who's disappointed, and how we think the remainder of the campaign will go.

Mark Hendrikx joins us to discuss the current squad: looking at areas that we might be looking to improve, or players that we think could do with a rest. We're looking at whether we have the strength in depth necessary to maintain our League One status, and how our young players will integrate into the first-team, with an eye to improving our league position, at the same time as developing into players that can consistently perform in the third-tier.

There are top 7 lists to reveal, Poleon Go to play, and possibly the WORST attempt at Two-Word Tango in the history of the game - and that really is saying something. But in reality, the show is all about getting ready for WRESTLEMANIA season. It's The Royal Rumble this weekend, so Nick is very excited ... however, it's Stu that brings the WWE chat to the podcast on this occasion. Who is his favourite WWE Superstar of all time? Your answer might surprise you ... if you care. Which you probably don't. Enjoy!

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