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9YRS - EP70 - The 2016 Christmas Show
December 21, 2016 10:08 PM PST

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Which means that you’re either off work, or sitting in a near-empty office*, with very little to do, so rejoice! Nick and Stu are here to help you get through the hours leading up to the big day itself. It is the Christmas edition of the podcast, so amongst the mince pies, mulled wine, and despondent realisation that the year is coming to an end and we’ve all failed to achieve anything worthy of note, we are in festive mood. We’re thinking of presents we could buy certain members of the squad, as well as swapping a present between ourselves. There’s also a yuletide edition of Poleon Go to enjoy.

There’s many footballing issues to debate too, from the hammering of Port Vale, to the latest thoughts on the Sutton ballot, to the upcoming game with Southend. We also have some views of the goalkeeping situation at the club, as a certain ex-loanee teases a return.

However, most importantly this week, we discuss TANGOGATE … and whether Stu cheated on last week’s edition of Two Word Tango. Without wishing to spoil it for you – he did. So Nick won. But we go again this week, for Stu to try and reclaim his crown. The crown is not musical, however – that honour belongs to our house band, These Fine Gentlemen, who return to introduce and play us out this week. Check them out @TheseFGentlemen~!

*With apologies to those working in retail or social care … or many other industries. We hope the show gets you through.

9YRS - EP69 - It could be you ...
December 14, 2016 10:01 PM PST

The once-in-a-blue-moon event of demand outstripping supply for match tickets has got Nick and Stu thinking this week, which - as we all know - can be a dangerous thing. As the club prepares to draw names for a hat to allocate tickets to our FA Cup tie away at Sutton in January, we discuss how we might be able to distribute away allocations in future, should we face a similar situation in future. Stu's been looking at how other clubs prioritise demand for away games, whilst Nick looks at what Luton do, and wonders if we can copy it at Kingsmeadow or, probably more likely, Plough Lane.

Lots of a match talk to be had this week, as we look back at the trip to Buckinghamshire last week. Conversation tends to focus on the atmosphere of the day, and what we might expect from the return fixture in March, and how the team coped with the build-up to the fixture. We also touch on the performance of the referee ... which we NEVER do, so it must have been bad. We also preview the coming fixture with Port Vale.

Loan watch, an Academy update, top 7 lists, and Poleon Go round-off this week's show, during which we introduce our new house band! These Fine Gentlemen play us in and out this week: we hope you enjoy. Oh, and in BREAKING NEWS, we might have to stage a steward's inquiry with Two Word Tango ... Nick may well have been cheated! The podcast regulator will likely be calling over the coming days. Or maybe it won't.

9YRS - EP68 - Never Forgive, Never Forget
December 07, 2016 03:19 PM PST

It's impossible to ignore ... the fixture that a lot of us hoped would never happen, IS happening this Saturday, for the first time in the Football League. Nick and Stu discuss their thoughts on the game, including fans' differing opinions on attending or not, the depth of feeling underpinning the fixture, what the future holds for the game, and how we think our fans that are going will conduct themselves. We also touch on the actual game of football that will take place, recounting previous visits to the Franchise as well.

Alongside the horrendous experience that we'll go through on the weekend, we talk about some of the nicer aspects of supporting Wimbledon at present - most notably, the incredible FA Cup win at Curzon Ashton last week, and the fantastic fixture with Sutton that has come off the back of it. We discuss our experience of the game, including our differing travel arrangements, and our thoughts on Curzon as a club.

Poleon Go, Two-Word Tango, and the Loan Watch round-off the show, which this week features some of the best lines ever quoted on our dear podcast. Goalkeepers that are good kicking with their feet, and teams that are used to playing at their home ground, factor into a long list of nonsense that Nick and Stu continue to speak when unscripted ... as if it gets any better when we plan this stuff.

9YRS - EP67 - The 'Fan-Owned' Question
November 30, 2016 03:26 PM PST

With supporters of Kingstonian having recently voted against moving to a community-owned and run club, in favour of staying in their current set-up as a director-led organisation, Nick and Stu are wondering whether the fan-owned model is likely to grow any more than it has already. With problems mounting at FC United of Manchester, and AFC Telford searching for external investment alongside their supporter-led structure, has the rise in the supporter-owned model reached its peak? We question whether we are an exception to the rule that clubs can only progress so far with a democratic structure, and if clubs such as Portsmouth and Wycombe soon seek to relinquish control in the pursuit of on-field success.

We're also looking back in-depth at the Fleetwood game, as well as previewing our big, live TV game in the FA Cup on Sunday. It's safe to say, we're all tremendously looking forward to our trip to Manchester - even if Stu is having to depart at some ridiculously early hour to make the midday kick-off. We're also picking out some potential FA Cup upsets from the weekend's rather fragmented fixture list.

Poleon Go and Two-word Tango return as well, as does our Top 7 lists, but we also have to touch on a couple of wider-footballing issues as well, including the tragic events in South America. Sometimes, events come along that put everything into perspective, and our thoughts go to all those affected.

9YRS - EP66 - The Price of Football 2016
November 23, 2016 03:27 PM PST

The results of the latest Price of Football survey were released last week, so we thought it was worth comparing the cost of tickets, merchandise, and - most importantly - refreshments at Kingsmeadow with our League One counterparts. Little has changed in regard to the cost of being a football fan - it remains far too high - and whilst our pricing looks in keeping with the general average in the league, there are perhaps areas we can look at offering better deals for supporters: coach travel and programme options are among a number of areas that Nick and Stu see potential in incorporating the ideas of other clubs in the country.

All the usual features accompany our main feature. We discuss the second rout of Bury and the goalless draw at Millwall, and then look ahead to the upcoming Fleetwood game ... with half an eye on the Milton Keynes game that awaits in a couple of weeks. We also catch up with the Ladies Team, Academy sides, and our trio of players currently out on loan at various levels of the non-league pyramid.

Celebrity Two-Word Tango returns, as does Poleon Go which includes a HUGE SURPRISE BONUS TWIST this week. There's also a startling revelation regarding wildlife in the Bermondsey area. We won't spoil it for you now, but safe to say, Stu has made a remarkable discovery. There's also time for some great wrestling-related links: get used to them as Nick counts down to his trip to WRESTLEMANIA BABY!

9YRS - EP64 - Pundits, Poppies ... and Pink
November 09, 2016 03:46 PM PST

We're having a right old moan on this week's show. With the record button pressed and a script having remained unwritten, Nick and Stu start talking about a few things in modern football today that they are finding very irritating ... and it does sound like two very grumpy old men having a moan about how things were better in the days gone by. Chief sources of irritation are football pundits that are paid to offer very little insight; football's bizarre need to trumpet its own methods of celebrating Remembrance Sunday; and an enforced kit change where there is no clash of colours ...

We try to lighten the mood by attempting a BRAND NEW GAME ... although Stu is again struggling with new things. Do not panic however: Poleon Go remains, and it might even spare Stu's blushes this week. You might have switched the show off by that point, mind.

A look back at the Bury and Newport games, a preview of the trip to Oldham and the cup replay with Bury next week, and updates from around the club also manage to avoid the cutting room floor this week. We're getting longer and longer - despite the cold weather - suggesting that there really is no end to the amount of nonsense we can speak. Remember Darren Dobbinson? Benjamin Netanyahu does!

9YRS - EP62 - Top 5 Football League Performances
October 26, 2016 11:14 PM PDT

They say that if you remember it, you weren't there; those at Peterborough last Saturday will strongly refute that claim. Many considered it the best performance they had seen from a Wimbledon side for years - some even claimed it was the best they'd EVER seen - which got us to thinking ... what have been the best Dons performances we have ever been witness to?

Coming at a time when the club are on such a high - sitting sixth in the league at time of recording - we narrowed our parameters down to our time in the Football League since 2011, with the rule being that we had to have been at the game for it to count. There were a good number of contenders, but somehow Nick and Stu narrowed it down to five each. Disagree? Give us a shout in the comments section below.

Alongside our Top 5, we talk more in-depth about the Peterborough win; we look ahead to the Bradford match; Poleon Go returns; and we have a little chat about the fortunes of a certain team in Buckinghamshire. There's also time to investigate just exactly what B*Witched meant when they sang Cest la Vie, and to profess our love of George Francomb.

9YRS - EP61 - The Academy, Part Two
October 19, 2016 10:03 PM PDT

More from Mark Robinson and Jeremy Sauer of the Dons Academy this week. Another fascinating insight into how our successful youth development programme touches on issues of funding, the difference between Category 2 and Category 3 status, the influx of boys following the downsizing of Brentford's youth system, players that have succeeded and those that have failed, and what the next steps of the Academy are. It's not all business though: questions about womble-sized eagles and Sex and the City make an appearance too.

Alongside the second-part of the interview are all the usual features, including Poleon Go! We look back at the Swindon and Bury games, talk about the FA Cup draw, reminisce about Merstham and Wallingford, and preview the weekend's football. There's also our stories of sitting in the President's Lounge for the Swindon game, as The 9yrs Podcast officially goes corporate and too big to talk to all the little people.

For those keeping a tab on which players get a mention on the show each week, make sure to tick-off Toby Sibbick, Toyosi Olusanya, Jim Fenlon, Paul Kalambayi, Carl Cort, Jason Euell, Marcus Gayle, John Hartson, Robbie Earle, Richard Butler, Adebayo Akinfenwa, and Sammy Moore ... but there's no room for Andreas Lund just yet.

9YRS - EP60 - The Academy
October 12, 2016 09:51 PM PDT

Dons Academy Manager Jeremy Sauer, and Head of Coaching Mark Robinson, speak exclusively to the podcast this week, in what is our most insightful and enlightening interview to date.

From discussing the growth of our Academy, including the changes that the pair have implemented and have had to implement alongside FA guidelines, we delve into the realms of youth coaching in England, debating the successes and potential pitfalls of the systems currently in place in this country. How to strike a balance between first-team and Academy playing time, the approach to improving the understanding of young players from Under-8 through to Under-21 level, and the progress of the current Under-18s are all spoken about at length as well, in what is just the first-half of our chat.

Alongside our illuminating interview, we have all the usual nonsense, only this week, with ADDED BONUS dodgy audio on Nick's end. We also talk about Neal Ardley's four-years in charge, the Oxford game, being above MK in the league table (and the media coverage that followed), and the upcoming Swindon game. Top 7 lists and Poleon Go complete a busy busy show this week. We've run a little long, but the show is on song ... to be fair.

9YRS - EP59 - Not Forgotten to be Awesome
October 05, 2016 10:17 PM PDT

Illness deprives the podcast of Stu this week, but do not fear! To make up for his absence, Nick has been busy securing a stellar line-up for the show, featuring George Jones and Chris Draper ... oh, and world-renowned writer and YouTube superstar, author of The Fault in our Stars, and AFC Wimbledon sponsor, John Green.

John talks passionately about his experiences of watching the Dons, most notably when at Wembley for the play-off final last year. He also discusses how the AFC Wimbledon movie is progressing, his work on a new book, his thoughts on MLS in America, and how the franchise model in the States compares to the community-based structure of the English game. His, ahem, hatred of Watford, and the progress of his Wimbley Wombleys, are also broached.

Away from John, a chat about the EFL Trophy and the role of Wembley Stadium in lower-league competitions provides an interesting discussion point for the boys this week. A recap of the Gillingham game, a catch-up with the Ladies first-team, and an adapted version of Poleon Go round-off a show that we're sure will make Stu feel better as he recuperates ... #prayforstu.

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